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For more than 150 years St. Vincent de Paul have been providing spiritual, emotional and material assistance on a person-to-person basis. If you feel lonely, forgotten or are struggling with hunger, keeping your home, clothing your children, getting medicine, we want to help.  Everyone needs a little help now and then. We realize this. That’s why St. Vincent de Paul Sauk Prairie has resources that we reserve for helping people in time of need. 

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Our service area covers:

Prairie du Sac | Sauk City | Roxbury |Lodi | Leland | Denzer | Blackhawk | Witwen | Bluffview

(Other limited North Freedom addresses)

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The assistance procedure consists of two interviews with the Human Resource Coordinator at our outreach office inside St. Vincent de Paul Resource Center. The assistance you receive is based on the information you provide us.  Supporting paperwork is required with each application. After the information is compiled, a second interview will be scheduled with two Society members at the same location. 

Please understand that no one is here to judge you or the situation you are in, but we must verify the merit of your need. Based on the information you provide, the Society members will review your requests, making a decision within our organizational guidelines. Sometimes, a  home visit may be required to complete their decision.

Volunteers donated 4,800 hours to support our mission. (13).png

To schedule an interview: 
Call: Human Resource Coordinator
Dial:  (608) 644-0504, ext. 10
Available:  Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM 

Volunteers donated 4,800 hours to support our mission. (14).png
Volunteers donated 4,800 hours to support our mission. (15).png

Ways in which we help are:

  • Rent Assistance

  • Fuel/Heat

  • Gas Card*

       (need current driver's license & insurance)

  • Utilities

  • Food

  • Limited Motel Voucher


  • School Supplies

  • Camp Scholarships for Children

  • Clothing

  • Furniture

  • Household Items

  • Baby Layette Program*

       (Low-income families from Sauk & Columbia County)

  • Taxi Vouchers



We do not assist with the following:

  • Security Deposits

  • Child Care Fees

  • Telephone/Cell Phone Bills

  • Clinic & Hospital Bills

  • Vehicle Repairs

  • Medical Equipment Purchases

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